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Some Cases Faced By Indonesian Workers Abroad

T here are a problem that exists in this country for many years and there is no way to solve this problem. TKI (Tenaga Kerja Indonesia) is a name to called Indonesian who work to the other country in named of Indonesia workers. TKI works in several countries such as United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Japan, Singapore, Australia, etc. as a household workers. They are recruited in two ways, legal and non legal.
As legally, they are controlled by the government and their trip are also arrange by the government. Non legal workers are not controlled by the government but they are recruited by a dark company which usually take money from those who want to work to the other country and their arrange the worker’s trip, but there’s no regulation that protect them. As the result, many cases come out about TKI violence. Many cases which come out during this 5years has different background. Many of them are because of miscommunication between workers and the employer. This miscommunication make them can’t communicate well and the workers can’t do a good job because they not understand at all. As the effect, workers often get any violance from their employer and most of them are not learn from it. Because of bad communication, many of Indonesia workers get violence from their employers. The employer are mad because the workers do not do what they ask. Many of our worker get violance because of miscommunication such as assault and abttery, watered with a hot water, swap with an iron which still in hot condition, etc. That is what they get because of work without any knowledge. They try to escape, but they can’t. Because they get that job from dark company which meant illegal. They keep going to find job in the other countries which attract them with high salary. In fact, many of the workers doesn’t get it. They are not being paid for 3 or 5 months because the employer stated that the worker can’t work, they do not finish their job, or they can’t do what the employer are asking. Many of them are trying to escape because they can’t hold it anymore, work without pay. They try to run away and also try to jump from the apartment building. They got stress because of the behavior of their employer. Many cases appear because of it, whether they are legal worker or not. When they work in Malaysia for example and they get a bad employer, they tend to get violence. The employer has many reason why they not pay the workers. Some said that the workers do nothing or can’t understand what the employer said or they broke something in the house and the worker have to pay for it. The other problem that come out during this 3 to 5 years about TKI is about sexual harassment. It happened mostly to the women workers. Many of them not only get sexual harassment but also physically violence. Not all can survive, some of them are died because killed by their boss. They are protected by the government but the government can’t control all of them one by one. Only when the workers became the victim already and try to escape and survive, the case will be processed. How about those who can’t escape and survive? Most of them are died. The boss afraid of the law which can make them go to the jail if their worker go outside and tell other people what their boss did. Many bosses killed their workers who had rape and got violence to clean up the evidence and witness. Like we saw on the TV the people try to escape by get out from the window of 33rd floor. She has many injury in her body such as iron stamp and blister. The bosses, both bosses are in the law process right now. They said that the worker do anything wrong and broke something which is very precious. Not all workers become victims, they also become the suspect. Many workers who can’t hold the pain anymore are killed their boss to be survive. There are some reason why they do that. First, they are threat by the bosses if they fighting back when the boss want to rape them they will be killed. In the under pressure condition, they try and do anything to fight back to get their right. Many of them follow it first, then they arrange a plan to kill their boss when the boss is in the rest. They do it because they are in the under pressure condition. They are treated like an animal in their work place. They have to fulfill all the request of the bosses including sex. They are not paid, they are threatening by the boss that they will be killed. They are afraid of it, they can get a diplomatic immunity but they cant report it because they can’t go outside home, and can’t make a phone call, they are treated like a slave. Once they get caught by the boss, they will get many violence such as sexual violence, an iron swap, take a bath with a boiled water, etc. That is the reason why they tend to kill their employer. When they succeed killed their boss, they have to be caught by the police and they have to face the capital punishment. Our government try to help our people who have to face the capital punishment, but the regulation in that country, United Arab Emirate for example, is too strong to be broke. Our government try to change the punishment and try as hard as they can to make the worker can go back to Indonesia. Some of the murder are failed to be free because the victim’s family has a strong law and has the evidence also the witness which will make the murder can’t survive from the punishment. How about the TKI which work by the dark company or illegal? Our government can’t help much because they have no official letter that they work in the named of Indonesia. Our government will also try to help them, but itis more complicated than the legal workers. The case that raised during this 3 to 5 years make government more active in fighting against the dark company which make dead loss to our country. They take money from their victim and do not pay for the tax. They make a hiding trip for their victims and also they make a false official letters for their victim such as passport, regulation, letter for job, etc. The purpose of the government is to reduce more victim and reduce dead loss of this country. It is hard to wipe out the dark company, but our government try as hard as they can. Government spurred Indonesia people to not easily believe in a big salary promises. Dark company attract their victims by telling about the big salary, an easy job, vacation, etc. Government also spurred to be more criticized in choosing job agent, be careful and study all the requirements. If there is something wrong, report it as soon as possible. For conclusion, TKI has many problem in other country. Work as TKI is not good as its like. Many problem raised time by time. In miscommunication can be end with violence, and also not get the salary. Many TKI get sexual harassment which end with threatening and killing. Finally, the TKI who kill their boss have to face the capital punishment. In my opinion, we have to be careful in choosing agent who will help us to find job as TKI. When we get the job, its better if the people have training about the basic of the job. At least they can communicate with their boss later. It is to reduce the miscommunication between worker and employer. Also to reduce the amount of violence

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