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48,000 peoples in Mentawai Island are threatened by tsunami.

            48,000 peoples in Mentawai Island are threatened by tsunami. Mentawai Island is an island which is occupy by 9,700 family.Mentawai Island is one of some area which is danger of tsunami. There are research which is stated that some area of Sumatra will attack by tsunami. It totally scared for thousands of people who lived in the border of the beach. About 48,000 peoples in Mentawai Island whose live in the red area (very danger area). From security view point, they are not save when the tsunami come, because when it come people has very limited time to escape and survive. According to research, when the earthquake happen and followed by tsunami, it only need 15 minutes to attack the land while in fact, when earthquake happened in Mentawai a few months ago which is followed by tsunami, it just take 5minutes. This kind of prediction can’t be the standard to teach people to survive.
            In this news stated that Governor has spread out a letter that tells people to be aware of earthquake and tsunami. Government and other social group try to manage this threatened by many ways. Nobody knows exactly when the earthquake and tsunami will come. For some people, letter from Governor just bring more scary to people. People become afraid to do anything out of their home. It is better if government give some training how to survive when it happen. Government still try to make some training to manage this problem. Many social group also make some disaster’s posko. People also learn how to manage their selves when it happen and how to survive. Government also build some evacuation way to make people easier to escape from this disaster. Government still mapping the danger area to make sure how to manage it and how to build the evacuation way for people.

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April 24, 2013 at 4:22 AM

Terimakasih somu sekhar atas Komentarnya di 48,000 peoples in Mentawai Island are threatened by tsunami.

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